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Drew Sherman

Lead Pastor

Dr. Rob Maupin

Executive Pastor of Ministry Development

Dr. Lyndsey Neal

Compass Academy Director

Compass will never stop trying to Navigate People to God! To do so, we need more leaders who are trained in our philosophy of leadership and in the Bible.


We have never had a season in the United States like this where we can offer training to leaders anywhere in the DFW metroplex and beyond and then equip and empower them to lead at Compass in new and powerful ways.


As our organization grows, so does the need for trained and spiritually mature leaders.


If you want to lead at Compass, if you are looking for a second career in ministry or if you think God is calling you to more, sign up for Compass Academy.

Compass is a vibrant and growing church, for good reason. As God continues to present Compass with increasing opportunities, now is the time to prepare leaders who can carry this work further; into broader expansion geographically, into hitherto unreached communities; into new and specialized Compass ministries.


God is calling his people to action. God has chosen individuals to lead, to help orchestrate and guide this work for his purposes. 


I am excited to see Compass Academy succeed and to be part of your leadership journey as you partner with God and with Compass, to advance his Kingdom.