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The following is a summary of onboarding information you may find helpful as you start your Leadership Academy courses. If you have any questions which are not addressed below feel free to contact us (

1. Please order your text book(s) 

2. Class videos are posted on Monday of each week. 

3. All submitted assignments are due by 10pm on Sunday of each week. You may self-manage your time to complete exercises ahead of the deadline but late assignments are not accepted.

4. This site is kept up to date with course information. You will have access to class materials on this site.

5. A course syllabus is available for download from the drop down menu. This contains a summary of your course schedule and assignments. Please review the entire document to prepare in advance for upcoming assignments.

6. You will have access to course content videos week by week from the drop down menu. 

7. Courses are each 7 weeks long. During week 4, we aim for a live in person event, where possible.

8. This website is where you find all materials, instructions and Compass Academy teaching content. Moodle is where you submit your assignments. Only actively registered students are able to view course content on this website.


9. Please go to your Moodle account, to make sure you can sign in and navigate the platform. You will receive an email with login instructions after registering.

10. Remember that all Scholarship and Staff students are expected to maintain A-grades for all Academy courses. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your scholarship.



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