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A critical aspect of the success of Compass Academy is the leadership development occurring when Academy students identify, utilize, and develop their God-given gifts for kingdom work. When a Compass Academy student not only serves in a ministry area at Compass, but also is developed through the intentional work of a Ministry Leader, spiritual growth happens. And where there is growth, there is life!

Carey Nieuhoff writes, “Recruiting but not developing high-capacity leaders creates an  artificial growth barrier. If you only recruit and don’t develop the people you recruit, you basically assume they will have to go elsewhere for their growth. The problem with that is that many won’t. If you really want to release the potential of the people in your community and realize the potential of your ministry, don’t just recruit–develop the people you recruit.”


To have a successful experience, we ask that Compass Academy students and their direct report, Ministry Leader understand the expectations of this leadership growth process and agree to prioritize the growth and development of the student’s spiritual leadership as outlined in this agreement.

Students of Compass Academy are facilitated academically and spiritually by Compass Academy staff. However, we believe that real evidence of growth can only truly be demonstrated live, in person, in applied settings. The settings in which we are asking students to demonstrate improved leadership acumen, are areas over which you, the Ministry Leader, preside.

As a Ministry Leader for Compass Academy students here is an example of the 4 things people typically want in/from a mentor (Adapted from a “4 things people want from a mentor” by Ron Edmondson)


1. Help shape my path

Mentors have been used to help me make life altering decisions. Whether it was with career choices, marriage issues or character development, I need a mentor to help me make the major decisions in my life.

2. Allow me to learn from your experiences

Mentors have shared the good and bad elements of their life which has helped protect me from needless pain and guide me to better results. This is why I generally prefer mentors a generation ahead of me.

3. Help me meet my goals

In business and in ministry, mentors have taught me valuable insights, discover paradigms, built principles into my life, which have helped me to be more successful in the things I hope to achieve.


4. Challenge me 

Mentors have been there to encourage me to improve my life in areas of struggle, moments of fear, or in a resistance towards needed change. Mentors give an objective, but caring outside perspective that often gives me the nudge to do what I need to do. 

We need your help in guiding the student to success. We also look for your observations, input and feedback regarding the student.


Compass Academy
Student-Staff Ministry Leader Direct Report Agreement


This Agreement was created to ensure Compass Academy students and Ministry Leaders, Direct Report (MDR) share a mutual understanding of expectations from the beginning of their relationship. Additionally, it creates a series of identifiable benchmarks and goals to work towards and evaluate progress. 


As a Compass Academy Student, I agree to do the following: 

  1. Meet at least twice during each Compass Academy Class with my MDR and maintain frequent communication. 

  2. Look for multiple opportunities and experiences to enhance my learning and development as a leader. 

  3. Review my progress and adjust as I work towards my identified goals. 


Student Signature:________________________________ Date: ____________ 


As a Compass Academy Ministry Leader Direct Report, I agree to do the following:

  1. Meet at least twice during each Compass Academy Class with the Compass Academy student and maintain frequent communication. 

  2. Serve as an advisor and provide guidance, oversight, and encouragement. 

  3. Communicate with the student to review their progress and help them work toward identified goals as needed


Ministry Leader Signature:________________________________ Date: ____________ 


Note: a Ministry Leader, Direct Report must be Compass Staff


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