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What is Compass Academy?

Compass Academy is the spiritual and leadership training program for our widely-spaced and diverse campuses. There are two parts: The Leadership Track and the Biblical Studies Track. The Leadership Track is an intensive program designed to raise up leaders from within Compass who have felt the urgent calling to lead. We want to help you do that. (Eph 4:11-16)

How long is the program?

Each class is 7 weeks long, and there are a total of 8 classes. To graduate through the entire Leadership Pathway takes two years from start to finish.

What are the prerequisites? 

You must have already gone through Rooted at Compass, you must be willing to actively volunteer at Compass and you must be willing to do a background check. See the section below for a more detailed breakdown of expectations and prerequisites. 

Is the program accredited?

Everyone who goes through the program will get Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Dallas Christian College. Anyone interested in full academic credit can receive up to 3 credit hours per class (the cost is equivalent to any Dallas Christian College student for the credit hours). 


What is the cost of the program? What does the cost include?

The cost of the program is $300 per class for a one-year total of $1,200 per year.  The cost includes access to Dallas Christian College's online platform and hosting.

Is financial aid available?

Everyone is expected to contribute to the cost, but there are some extenuating circumstances. Email robmaupin@mycompasschurch.com to apply for a scholarship for the program.



  • 2-3 hours of learning/writing each week

  • 3-5 hours of volunteering under the direction of a Compass Pastor or Director

  • Immediate Leadership application

  • Interaction with your Staff Supervisor and/or the Compass Academy Facilitator

  • Periodical Assessments (tests of knowledge comprehension and retention)

  • Accountability (good grades are expected from all Staff and Scholarship Students)