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Student FAQs

Is this actually important? 

 This is an eternal issue. We think it is one of the most important things in the world.

Will my time be used effectively?

Yes. We have streamlined both the delivery and the content of the material to be as productive as possible.

What are the motives behind this?

We believe God is calling us to navigate more people to God. God is opening doors for Compass to reach out all across DFW and other states and countries are asking to be a part of Compass as well. We want enough leaders trained to meet the opportunities God has laid out before us.

Who is teaching me and why are they qualified?

Everyone who teaches in the Compass Academy will have a bio explaining why we asked them to teach that particular segment. You will see that we have carefully selected teachers who come from a variety of backgrounds but who have all proven themselves to be wise leaders in the kingdom of God. 

How am I going to use what I learn? 

You will be able to immediately use every lesson while you are leading and volunteering at Compass during the rest of the week. On top of that as you go further in the leadership pathway, You will have increased opportunities to lead as you go.

Can I trust what I learn?

Yes, but you will be able to test and see if the lessons are trustworthy as you continue to expand your own leadership.

Will they teach me truth or opinions?

Well all teaching has some degree of opinion in it, our teachers are all committed to teach the truth as it relates to the authority of the Bible, the trustworthiness of the resurrection, and the overall truth that has been discovered in the world today.

What is my motivation behind learning this?

We're looking for people who have a hunger to lead. We believe the Holy Spirit puts this in peoples hearts, and we want to make a pathway available for them to follow that calling.

Will I actually be able to do this?

It will not be easy per se, but it is certainly doable if you really have a desire to learn, grow, and to lead. All of the student expectations are listed in the application. Consider carving out about seven hours per week for both study and leadership.

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