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This week we continue with our theme of working effectively within teams, or when leading teams. As a college professor, I see the smirks of some students and I hear the simultaneous groans of other students, when someone has assigned them a 'group project'! The seemingly insurmountable problem, of most members of the group doing absolutely nothing, while one conscientious individual does all the work while others take the credit! Sound familiar? It's an old adage. And yet in scripture we see some examples of teams coming together to work effectively to accomplish God's will. The example that comes to my mind is those who had returned from exile, rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days - something their enemies thought was impossible and they achieved despite ongoing, ruthless opposition! They worked together under a just, determined and effective leader (Nehemiah) who was motivated by and submitted to God. Use your own personal experiences of being in teams (as a team member or as a team leader) to ask God to show you; What are the components of team success? What should you do differently than you have seen/experienced before? What does he want your team leadership to be characterized by? 


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