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In our last week of Pastoral Leadership we cover the important topic of boundaries. Boundaries are about setting and managing expectations for yourself and for others. This week Dr. LaGrange talks to us about how boundaries set limits in relationships and clarify how a relationship is going to work. For example, when or for how long you’ll meet with someone, how someone can contact you and issues surrounding confidentiality and legality. Dr. LaGrange also explains the importance of boundaries in protecting your own spiritual walk. Dr. Maupin then explains general guidelines regarding boundaries for effective ministry.  Boundaries help establish balance, a sense of ownership over what you are doing, and crucially make clear who we are responsible to and who we are responsible for. In the final video for CA3 Dr. Maupin teaches on setting boundaries with those your lead.

Thank you for tracking with us for the past several weeks. Thank you for your patience as I battled major health issues. We are aware that you may also have been battling things in your life, whether COVID problems, other health-, family-, financial- or personal issues. We know this is a particularly difficult time for many. 

Compass leadership prayerfully made the decision in December to continue full throttle with Compass Academy and other programming in spite of the challenges because we choose to be unstoppable in our pursuit of navigating people to God and as a church we believe developing leaders from within Compass allows us to do that more expansively! You are our developing leaders! We know that we all face resistance - it's been part of the teaching of this course - that leaders face opposition; crucibles. And so we pray for you. One of our prayers is that you are able to finish CA strong and become part of our 938 team. We pray that each one of us in CA; 1st year, 2nd year, graduate and staff, bear fruit as a result of this Academy; that the reach of Compass will be enhanced as a result. We are in this for the long-haul. We hope you are too.

Your homework description for this week is below and the sign up for CA4 'Team Leadership' will appear on the homepage of this site within a week. 

Remember, if you need more time to finish homework for this course, it is already granted. We know my being in hospital caused delays to you. We don't want you to be pressed in any way because of it. So let me know what you need. Again, we are all effected by this difficult season and much grace is needed. 

Enjoy the videos and I look forward to reading your reviews! - Dr. Neal


Boundaries for Leaders

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Book Report Questions

1. Do you recommend this book?

2. What is the stand out message of the book?

3 Has this book helped you practically in terms of pastoral leadership and if so, how?

4. What surprised you about the book?

5. List 5 of your favorite quotes from the book and tell us why you chose these in particular. 


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Thank you all