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Welcome to the 4th and final course in Compass Academy Yr 1. You are now HALF WAY through this leadership program and another step closer to becoming graduates in our 938 team. Leading teams well is the subject matter of CA4. Compass operates in teams, as such, any leader at Compass must learn to work well within teams and lead teams well. 


The Role of Teams in the Body of Christ

Home work 

Book Reading

  1. Weekly T/F Quiz Questions

  2. Written assignment (see below for details)

Due: Team Project submission


- Describe your team project.

- Why did you choose this project?

- What are your personal strengths/struggles that you bring to a team project? 

- Read 1 Cor 12:1-11. Reflect on spiritual truths that will help guide you in this team experience. 

See the CA4 syllabus for the designated course reading


Please click the button below to access your syllabus

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