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Welcome to the 4th and final course in Compass Academy Yr 1. You are now HALF WAY through this leadership program and another step closer to becoming graduates in our 938 team. God is blessing Compass Church with a myriad of opportunities to reach people for him, across diverse geography and people groups. We need leaders who are trained in Compass leadership DNA and who have a proven track record, to help us expand and navigate more people to God. If you are part of this program, there's a high chance, that you are one of them! Thank you for the time and effort you invest in developing as a leader. We are praying for your continued success. Compass operates with teams, as such, any leader at Compass must learn to lead teams well. This is the subject matter of CA4. 


The Role of Teams in the Body of Christ

Home work 

Book Reading

  1. Weekly T/F Quiz Questions

  2. Weekly Forum Post

  3. Written assignment (see syllabus for details)

See the CA4 syllabus for the designated course reading


Chp 1 & 2


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