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As Pastors we will be dealing with hurting, wounded people. This week Dr. Maupin talks about dealing with messy people and sheds light on why people are messy. Pastor Brandon explains typical and healthy responses and what it looks like to please God. Pastor Brandon also shares with us his views on those who drive slow in the fast lane. Pastor Phil explains the mindset and approach to Community Assistance at Compass (Individual Mindset, Case Work, Follow Up and fostering Community Engagement). Below you will see your homework assignment for this week. I have also included information about your homework assignment for next week (WK7) for those of you who may want to get a head start. 


Dealing with Messy People

Home work 

Book Reading

  • Weekly Quiz Questions

  • Pastoral Philosophy

Self Assigned

Due WK7


Homework This Week (WK6):

Practical Care and Support: Submit a 250 word or less document with reflections from attending a Care and Support experience. 

Homework Next Week (WK7):


Book Report

You have selected a book for this course on Pastoral Leadership. Next week's final assignment will be to provide a review for your peers of this book. 

Here's the questions we would like you to answer, so that you can get a early start thinking through your answers:

1. Do you recommend this book?

2. What is the stand out message of the book?

3 Has this book helped you practically in terms of pastoral leadership and if so, how?

4. What surprised you about the book?

5. List 5 of your favorite quotes from the book and tell us why you chose these in particular. 

You will be asked to submit your book report to Moodle. 

You will also be asked to post your book report to the Leadership Forum so that everyone in Compass Academy has the benefit of reading your review. 


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