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We pray the material in CA continues to bless you, inform you and inspire you to lead well. If you have not done so already please RSVP regarding the Live Event.  DATE CHANGE... We need to move the Live Event next week from the 8th to Wednesday February 9th. Same time and place. Sorry for the short notice and any inconvenience! Please resubmit your RSVP for the amended date if you are unable to attend. If you are able to make it on the 9th, your RSVP remains the same. The good news is that we're only asking you to complete 2 quizzes instead of 3 this week!




Endurance in Pastoral Leadership

Home work 

  • Weekly Quiz Questions

Book Reading

Self Assigned

Dr. Maupin talks about the Crucible this week. Mark Worley (Compass Elder) talks about facing the onslaughts of the evil one. Both talk about why pastoral leadership is worth it. Prayerfully and carefully think about your reasons for 'sticking and staying' - for having courage in the face of resistance. This is first intended to strengthen your own resolve and foundation. If you share it with others it may also strengthen and edify your peers. 

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