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Welcome back! This course covers Biblical (Pastoral) Leadership. Whether you feel called to Pastoral ministry or not, it is important that we all understand the nature of Pastoral leadership. Pastoral leadership is a central way in which God blesses, encourages and grows His church. This course takes us through Biblical leadership, the theology and practical applications of Pastoral leadership and the specifics of Compass Pastoral Philosophy. Compass Faculty and Compass Pastors will share their knowledge and experience throughout the next 7 weeks. 

Topics include Jesus’ teachings on pastoring, the 5-fold ministry, Spiritual gifts, Paul’s first missionary journey, historic revivals and current practices. Students will be equipped with sound teaching on the biblical nature of pastoring. The student will also be given practical tools on how to endure as a pastor, how to set boundaries, and the basics of pastoral care. Subjects such as bearing fruits and ordination will also be discussed. This course includes messages and insights from the Lead Pastor, Executive Pastors and Compass Campus Pastors. This course gives exposure to Compass pastors and helps the student focus on developing a distinct understanding of pastoral leadership, pastoral responsibilities and intentional growth as applied at Compass.

Course Objectives


  • To give students an understanding of sound pastoral practice

  • To help students better identify pastoral giftedness in self or others

  • To help students develop pastoral leadership competencies 

Course Text book  


Select one text from a pre-approved list available on the Compass Academy website under ‘Recommended reading’

Topics Wk 1-7

1  Biblical Leadership

2 The Role of the Holy Spirit in Pastoral Leadership

3 Compass’ Pastoral Philosophy

4 First Steps to Leading as a Pastor

5 Endurance in Pastoral Leadership

6 Dealing with Messy People

7 Boundaries for Leaders


Homework This Week 


1. Compass Pastoral Leadership: Submit five questions you have regarding Compass Pastoral Leadership.


2. Pastor Awareness: On our headed paper, available below, write a 1-page thank you to a Compass Pastor.


3. Student Profile: Add your spiritual gifts to your student profile in the Leadership Forum. Also add your area of service at Compass. All profiles should already be displaying a profile picture of you and a short bio.


Biblical/Pastoral Leadership

Home work 

Book Reading

  • Weekly Quiz Questions

  • Submit 5 Pastoral questions

  • Update Student Profile

  • Pastor Appreciation*

Self Assigned

*CA Headed Paper for Thank you note