We are excited that you are interested in pursuing the next step in leadership growth with us at Compass.


We are passionate about this program and believe it will transform lives and prepare us for the work God has called us to do. Compass Academy is here to encourage, equip, and expand the impact of those who are called to lead.

Requirements of a Compass Academy Student: 

  • Completion of Rooted Program

  • Completed and accepted application form

  • Course payment (or course scholarship)

  • 5 hrs per week active, ongoing volunteerism at Compass

  • Completion of weekly assignments

What is the Cost and Application Process?


COST  -  


The cost of a 7 week Academy course is $200. Once you submit your application form you will be directed to pay this course fee. If there are any problems with your application which for any reason result in your application being denied, this course fee will be fully reimbursed. Note that any problems or questions regarding your application will be discussed with you prior to any denial of application. Things happen and if you change your mind about completing this program with us within one 1 week of the course start date, course fees can also be fully reimbursed. 

Scholarships are available in some cases. If you feel you are a good fit for this program but that financial constraints are an obstacle and you are in need of a scholarship to cover the cost of this course, please contact Rob Maupin, Compass Exec Pastor at



The Application form is a two-step process. The first step is to complete the questions below. This information is used to determine eligibility and acceptance. The second step in the application process is to register for the course and complete course payment. Please Note - By applying to the Compass Academy, you are enrolling as a student of Dallas Christian College. Dallas Christian College who is partnering with Compass to host the Academy courses. As a formally enrolled DCC student, you are required to provide information such as your Social Security Number. Once you fill in the form below and click 'submit and continue' you will be directed to a secure site hosted by Dallas Christian College, to provide your personal and payment information. 

If you are ready to apply to be a student of the Compass Academy Leadership Program, please complete and electronically submit the form below.

Your application will be reviewed by Dr. Rob Maupin (Compass Exec Pastor) and Dr. Lyndesy Neal (Director of Compass Academy)



1) Personal Details

2) Leadership Related 


In the space provided please briefly answer the following  5 questions

  1. When/where did you attend rooted?

  2. Where are you currently volunteering at Compass?

  3. If you are not currently volunteering, in what area do you plan to volunteer?

  4. How many hours per week are you volunteering?

  5. Who is your Pastoral or Director Supervisor? 

 3) What do you personally hope to achieve through the Leadership Academy?

4) Student Expectations Agreement

Please read the following carefully. Check the boxes which apply to you. 

As a Compass Academy Leadership Student

5) Scholarship

For financial assistance in the form of a scholarship, please contact Compass Executive Pastor, Rob Maupin [] prior to submitting this form. If awarded, please enter your 6-digit scholarship code below.

6) Full Academic Credit Option

Select an option

Once you click the button below you will be taken to a Dallas Christian College page to complete their registration form and pay the course fee.  You will receive immediate email confirmation of receipt of payment and application.  In the coming weeks you will also receive an email from us with class instructions. Welcome to the Academy!